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Facts about Covid Vaccines

A full year has passed with Covid-19 Pandemic and though we have developed vaccine against the virus, we still have not crossed this significant public health concern. Day by day with increasing cases, we have to ensure vaccine coverage is maximum.

Read on for answers related to Covid vaccines.

1) Does vaccination cause positive test result for COVID?
Answer is  NO

We use RTPCR test and the rapid antigen test to detect Covid infection. These are both viral tests, meaning they test to see if you currently have COVID-19. 
The COVID-19 vaccines do not actually contain the COVID-19 virus and cannot cause active infection which means you won’t test positive for COVID-19 from the vaccine. 
The inactivated virus in the vaccine cannot infect us since it is not “alive” and is simply being used to deliver information or instruct our immune system to produce antibodies to fight when the virus actually enters our body. 

2) Can we test positive on antibody test after vaccination?

A positive COVID antibody test suggests that you may have had a past infection (or exposure to the virus protein through a vaccine) and may have some degree of protection. 
Some ppl may not mount any antibody response post vaccination and their test can be negative

3) Did anyone get Covid 19 after 2 doses of vaccine?

Though relatively rare, vaccines aren’t 100% effective. 
It is possible to get infection before our body has started developing antibodies, particularly if we have been exposed just before vaccination. 

But they are very good at preventing severe cases of COVID and hospitalizations. 
So while you can still get COVID-19, you’re less likely to become very sick with it after vaccination.

4) How to differentiate between vaccine side effects and Covid infection? 

Fever, chills, muscle aches, headache, arm pain, tiredness can occur post vaccination 24-72hrs and rarely within 7days. 
They are similar to actual covid symptoms but of less intensity. 
If symptoms are persisting beyond this duration or there is loss of taste and smell, breathing difficulty, increasing lethargy or drowsiness then seek immediate medical attention.

5) Will the vaccine protect against variants?

The perception that these vaccines don’t work against variants is incorrect. As new variants are emerging, the news all around has created undue alarm and a false impression that vaccines don’t protect us against these new strains. Some of the variants are noted to have faster spread and making things worse. But so far vaccines have done a decent job in preventing serious illness and hospitalization even as new strains are evolving.
While cases in our country are increasing, the risk is primarily to the unvaccinated while in those vaccinated, the outlook is much more hopeful. 

The bottomline is :

•    You cannot contract COVID-19 from any of the current COVID-19 vaccines and will not test positive on a viral test 
•    Even if a vaccine is less effective against a variant, it appears that it’s still going to do a good job of protecting you from serious illness. 

Hence, we request everyone to please go and take the vaccine whenever scheduled without any hesitation
Do not forget to wear a mask and maintain social distance

Dr Madhavi Borra
Consultant Paediatrician & Neonatologist
Medics Healthcare